For organizers:

Prior to the event
  • Easy and intuitive creating and maintenance of the conference
  • Online creating of entire conference
  • Online creating of meetings schedule
  • The possibility of including co-organizers who would be responsible for their region
  • Edit, delete, and validate any user profile
  • Different types of participants; creating rules which type can ask which type for a meeting
  • Registering lecturers and speakers
  • The ability to create whole conference in a day with a Wizard
  • Attracting new entrants to the conference because of the added value of B2B meetings
  • Registering visitors for unlimited events with/without limited number of chairs
  • Social networking / Twitter, Facebook
During the event:
  • Communication with participants through predefined emails (for scheduling new meetings, sending a meetings schedule, information about new meetings, information about canceled meetings etc.)
  • Online payment with credit cards
  • Creating a valid PDF receipt in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Serbia
  • No need for technical knowledge in order to use the platform
  • Provide important news to the participants or visitors
  • Printing of various reports
After the event:
  • Feedback after the conference in the form of questionnaires
  • Various reports in PDF or MS Excel formats

For participants

Before the event:
  • Easy online registration and completing profile
  • Advanced search feature
  • Auto-suggest feature
  • Online system for meeting request
  • Realtime notifications
  • Upload of multiple documents (brochures, images, files)
During the event:
  • Information about all potential partners are centralized
  • Personal meeting schedule is created for every user several days before the event
  • Talk B2B system supports mobile platforms (iOS and Android) too.
After the event:
  • Reports about who visited your profiles are available after the event
  • List of Event participants is available and after the event