conference and event management software


For what purposes is this software?

TalkB2B is a web and mobile platform designed for trade manifestations, conferences, networks, as well as other special groups organizing (business 2 business) meetings.

Effective tool, simple and intuitive

B2B events are the best way for a company to get in touch with potential partners. Half an hour meetings are sufficient to meet a company and its portfolio,however, without good software support, the organizing of such events is a demanding and time-consuming task.

We understand this problem, so we have developed Talk B2B tool that facilitates this process both for organizers and participants. Creating events and fine-tuning has never been easier, also as creating account and profile of participants and seeking for potential partners.

How application works?

The basic idea of the platform is to provide a tool for organizers that participants can use to create a profile on the Internet, where each participant has the opportunity to describe it’s company and the individual services offered or requested.

After creating a profile, participants use the advanced search to find possible partners and schedule meetings with them.

Before the conference, Talk B2B platform generates a schedule of meetings for each participant, which can later be used during the conference.

The folowing are just a few of many advantages offered by our Talk B2B Matchmaking software:

  • Meeting organizers have an easy and intuitive tool to build and maintaine event page
  • All important data are available over mobile apps (Android, iOS)
  • Participiants have a very efficient tool to arrange their meetings prior to the start of their event
  • The software provides high level of networking and advanced search functions