The participant has the opportunity to define their agenda by adding from the program to the agenda and by scheduling meetings. In addition, he is able to add some of his own additional activities to his agenda. Beside insight into his scheduled meetings and other activities, the participant can download his agenda in pdf format.


The section "My activities" is reserved for events and activities that the participant is interested in and has not finally decided that he wants to include them in his agenda. That way, he has them in mind if he wants to add them to the agenda later. These activities are also displayed when scheduling a meeting, if there are overlaps with the time slots reserved for meetings, so that the participant knows in which period there are activities for which he is interested.

included from the premium package

42 .99

/ per event

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The package also includes

  • Platform setup
  • Multilingualism
  • Easy branding
  • Defining fields on forms
  • Rich business profiles
  • Instant communication
  • Search
  • ID cards
  • Advanced organisation profile
  • Marketplace profiles
  • Program
  • Sponsors
  • Payment
  • Participants agenda