Menu adjustment according to
customer needs

Main menu at the top of the pages and footer menu can be created and adjusted by yourself as you wish with links to internal website pages or external websites. Main menu items can also have sub-items.

Easily add new pages and edit content on pages to your needs

On our platform can easily and simply be added, edited or deleted static pages. It is possible to set images, define titles, subtitles, links, embedded content, as well as many other text editing options. All created pages can be set to be publicly visible and/or visible only to logged in users.

Platform settings

The platform offers various customizations to suit your needs, such as:

Use of participant types to limit the right to view profiles and schedule meetings with other participants

Account approval by the administrator which can disable automatic access to full functionality of the application with the ability to define whether approval is necessary for all types of participants

Set the date and time format as well as the event time zone

Enable notifications for new registrations, etc.

Publish and edit posts quickly

With the help of the news creation module on the platform, you can easily and quickly create, edit and delete news or announcements that are important for your website. They can contain text, photos, photo gallery, video and documents.

For each post it is possible to set the duration of post visibility. The last 3 news items are always displayed on the dashboard after the user logs in.

Widgets on the page

Choose from a variety of interesting predefined widgets that will complement your website such as event location, social networks, number of participants by country, Twitter feed, etc .

You can also independently create new widgets to which you can add images that you can use as banners or for other purposes.

Widgets on the page


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/ per event

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The package also includes

  • Platform setup
  • Multilingualism
  • Easy branding
  • Defining fields on forms
  • Rich business profiles
  • Instant communication
  • Search