TalkB2B Packages and Pricing

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Basic Package

It enables the presentation of any event in which the announcement of the event is in the first place. Ideal package for announcing exhibitions, concerts, weddings, ...

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Premium Package

It allows adding business profiles of organisations, sponsorships, online payments and other important functions for organising business events. Ideal package for organising all events that don’t include the organisation of the meetings among the participants - fairs, conferences, seminars, ...

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Enterprise package

It covers all aspects of organising an event as well as the interaction (communication, arranging and holding meetings) between the participants. This package is ideal for all events that include meetings.

Choose an offer which suits you best

Basic Package


/ per event

* An additional fee of 2€ will be applied per each registered participant over the first 250 registered that are included in the price

For example Enterprise package with 300 registered participants:
940€ (basic package price for the platform with up to 250 registered participants) + 50 (additional participants) * 2€ = 1040€


1 hour time for experienced user – 35€
Training and support – We offer 4 hours of training and 1 hour of support – 100€

Own domain

Instead of the application being on our domain, it may be in your domain. This means that the application is on our server, but with your domain – 100€

Additional programming

We offer additional programming services to our clients by request. If requested feature is overall plus, you can count on 50% discount.

Special discount for EEN members and partners

We have a very good cooperation with several EEN organisations like (EEN Portugal,  EEN Spain,  EEN HungaryEEN Poland, 
EEN Czech Republic,
  EEN CroatiaEEN SloveniaEEN Serbia ).
As a result of this cooperation, we are offering special conditions for all EEN members and partners.

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