Defining fields on forms

Form adjustment without any technical prior knowledge

Fields on the registration form, fields on participant profiles, as well as search filters can be defined as desired. The website already contains predefined fields that you can activate/deactivate as needed, and it is also possible to:
Defining Fields On Forms

Change predefined fields

Changing the order, setting the name and description of the field, whether it is required to be filled in by the user, whether it is subject to GDPR law, whether there should be a special filter for that field...

Suggested fields that are used frequently

It is possible to quickly add additional fully customized fields that are often used at events.

Defining Fields On Forms
Defining Fields On Forms

10 types of fields that can be added as brand new fields

If there is a field that is not predefined as it suits you and you need it, you can easily create it through different types of fields.

Creating groups

You can group fields on the edit and preview profile forms to visually separate them.

Creating Groups
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