Business meetings

Everything needed to schedule and hold meetings

The participant has the option to choose, regardless of the time zone of the conference, the time zone according to which he wants to be shown all the times on the website, including the time slots for meetings.

On the meeting scheduling page, the participant has an overview of lectures and other activities for which he is interested or for which he applied, and which overlap with the time slots of potential meetings.

When sending a request for a meeting, participants have the opportunity to suggest which times suit them best.

Each participant has the opportunity to choose whether he wants the system to automatically determine the time of the meeting or he wants to choose the time in accordance with his and the partner’s availability. Also, if necessary, they can change the time of an already scheduled meeting for another time.

If necessary, the meeting time can be easily added to the calendar as a reminder.

In addition to the standard messaging, participants have at the meeting details the opportunity to exchange messages related to the meeting.

Business Meeting
Easy Business Meetings

Easy online meetings

We use virtual meeting room technology that allows users to access the room at the click of a button without the need to install applications.

Each participant has the opportunity to use a virtual room created by the system. If he doesn’t want to, he has the opportunity to enter and set that he wants to use his technology for holding meetings.

Organising on-site meetings

Participants are able to hold their meetings on predefined tables and stands depending on the organiser’s wishes.

If necessary, participants can be assigned a specific table so that all their meetings are always held at the same table. Also according to the same principle, there is a possibility of assigning a stand (group of tables) to a specific organisation.

Onsite Meeting
Business Meetings

Hybrid events

A combination of virtual (online) and onsite meetings

This type of event gives the participants the opportunity to decide how they will participate in the meetings, i.e. whether they will be physically present at the meetings, whether they prefer an online connection or whether they are available for both options.
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